On-site renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) allow companies, institutions, or government agencies to implement on-site renewable energy projects with no up-front capital costs incurred. With an executed PPA, IPUSA will design build and install a renewable energy system on or nearby your property under an agreement that you will purchase the power generated by the system.  After installation, the developer owns, operates, and maintains the system for the life of the contract.


Due to IPUSA module approach that builds plants in 5MW we are able to scale up as energy demands rise rather than accurately forecast generation requirements decade in advance.


Because of the range of technology applications available it allows for flexibility needed to suit the individual client’s unique circumstances.  This is further enhanced because of the ability to take advantage of the agnostic fuel source.  But the energy conversion systems could just as easily be utilizing any cellulosic material, C & D waste, bio solids or just about any product that can be diverted from a typical waste stream that could be approved by the EPA as an acceptable fuel source. Lastly the wide range of  fuel sources eliminates any concern that comes from being tied to a single fuel source over which we have no control.  This translates into stable pricing of the electricity and steam for the client.

  1. Enables clients to focus on core business
  2. Protects against EPA changes in how they read the law or new Fed or State compliance legislature