Approximately one-third of total U.S. delivered energy in 2012, (23.6 quadrillion Btu) was consumed in the industrial sector, which includes manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and mining (U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2013)


Industrial users such as paper, pharma, chemical, & heavy equipment manufacturers all spend enormous amounts of resources on energy production with little or no value added. IPU designs, builds and operate these plants onsite.  Privatized systems can significantly reduce capital and operational costs. IPU’s renewable energy systems have been proven to provide steam and generate electricity at stable and predictable rates. Risk is reduced by insulating the facility from Public Utility power outages and terrorist threats. Small-scale private power plants are an environmentally friendly way to use locally based “alternative” fuels. These fuels not only satisfy the new political and environmental requirements for “Green” energy, but they also reduce costs and improve corporate image.