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Imagine a company that can produce power cleanly, efficiently and profitably with no need for government subsidies utilizing technologies with years of actual commercial deployment and applications. Imagine Independent Power USA (IPU). Members of our team along with our engineers have developed, tested, and implemented renewable “Private Power Plants” on a commercial scale for the most complex applications today. IPU’s set of proprietary and licensed technologies include but are not limited to the conversion of biomass and other renewable feedstock for use in high efficiency energy conversion systems with little or no emissions while generating electricity, steam, hot water, chilled water, air conditioning.

Leadership • Long term service • Delivery Cost • Scale

  • At its core the technologies have provided power with 100% reliability for over 10 years.
  • Independent Power USA, LLC (IPU) is a leader in the advancement of distributed generation utilizing technologies that are accepted as best technologies and best practices to fit each client’s unique needs.
  • Small scale distributed generation facilities shorten regulatory delay.
  • Sulfur and Mercury emissions reduced by 30 to 100 percent vs. traditional power delivered from the grid.
  • Each power plant is self-contained.
  • Biogas to various energy outputs including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications.
  • Biogas to Electricity or CNG applications.
  • IPU technologies allows for its co-generation facilities to produce scalable production capacity in 5 MW modules that are capable of using multiple fuel feed stocks, including but not limited to biomass, biogas, wood chips, C & D derived fuel, asphalt shingles, chicken litter, plastics, waste paper and various other waste products that can be diverted from landfills.
  • IPU’s process can offset CO2, SOX, NOX and mercury emissions associated with traditional power generation.