BFB boiler

IPU’s licensed proprietary, state-of-the-art systems provide co-generation, the most efficient method of energy production. The hybrid  systems can utilize a variety of alternative fuels that have been proven to provide the lowest overall energy costs. Produced steam can be used for heating, process applications, for air conditioning and cooling. Electrical energy can be produced, replacing Public Utility electricity at a lower cost with higher quality and reliability. The system is “feedstock agnostic,” using a variety of cost-effective environmentally-friendly fuels at the lowest possible cost that are grown or exist locally.

green house

In addition to waste coal and traditional biomass, IPU can use processes to grow aquatic plants in plant-adjacent greenhouses, harvesting the plants using automated systems. The harvested crop is then dried and processed, producing a truly “renewable” Tier 1 biomass fuel.

All power plant emission gases are recycled back to the greenhouses, greatly enhancing the growth rate of the crops, making the system virtually emission free.