Innovation driving down cost while increasing energy independence!


CHP systems can provide an advantage over large central heating plants and steam distribution systems that are available on many campuses. CHP systems may be new at a particular facility, but the process and equipment involve well-established industrial technologies.  CHP is recognized by the EPA as a best technology and best practices application for both emissions and fuel efficiencies.



Airports are under great financial pressure.  A key method for airport development funding in the United States, the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), hasn’t gone up for 13 years and so has lost half of its purchasing power. That puts a lot of pressure on airports to access capital. Power Purchase Agreements that reduce carbon footprint, dramatically improve energy efficiency and most importantly eliminate need for large capital outlays for energy.



Hospitals using cogeneration are taking advantage of favorable utility rate structures and hedging against rising electricity prices. Because cogeneration uses waste heat to produce thermal energy for heating and cooling, hospitals that use CHP systems are more energy efficient.  CHP systems offer a more seamless, reliable power alternative than traditional emergency generators.